What is the IBFC? What does it do?

The IBFC is a membership based non-profit entity that was established in 2017 as a business-to-business networking, collaboration, lobbying and advocacy group, comprised of wholly black-owned, film and television companies, and independent filmmakers with a focus of addressing transformation and professionalising skills of filmmakers to meet world class standards in the South African audio-visual industry.

Who can join IBFC?

IBFC is open to previously disadvantaged filmmakers including; producers, marketers, exhibitors, distributors, facility owners, scriptwriters, directors, production managers, production assistants, DOPs, camera, sound, graduate and student filmmakers amongst others. However, as IBFC’s focus is business-to-business collaboration and sharing industry information. Please consider what your needs may be, so you are not disappointed.

How can I join IBFC?

Please visit our membership page www.ibfc.org.za and click on the Join us page? Please note IBFC charges an annual membership fee, dependent on your membership category:

  • Established Member: You have 8-15 years in the industry. Have 5-10 theatrically released films, TV series, documentaries: ZAR500 p/a.
  • Intermediate Member: You have 4-7 years in the industry. 1-2 theatrically released films, TV series, documentaries: ZAR250 p/a.
  • New Entrant: You are a recent graduate with a Degree/ Diploma or 5+years of activity in the industry: ZAR250per annum
  • Student Member: You are enrolled at a Tertiary institution but have not released a film: ZAR100 per annum.
  • Associate Member: You are a Professional who provides services to the audio-visual industry i.e. a lawyer, auditor, PR: ZAR250 p/a
  • Patron Member: You are an eminent member of the public, business fraternity, and enthusiast with interest in the industry and wants to support the sector grow: ZAR1500 per annum.

What happens to my membership Fees? & What are the benefits for me, of joining IBFC?

Membership fees go towards the running of the organisation, part paying an administrator, website costs and to ensuring that members have access to general benefits amongst these:

  • Access to the knowledge/expertise of senior filmmakers.
  • Access to workshops and networking
  • Access to training and development
  • Access to local and international Master Classes, accelerator and incubation programmes and training videos.
  • Access to online newsletters/industry
  • Access to news of employment
  • Access to crew and supplier databases continuously being updated.
  • Access to information about co-production
  • Access to standard templates – budgets, crew, talent contracts
  • Discounted rates at selected partner facilities, festivals, and
  • Invitation to premieres of local and international

I don’t live in South Africa; Can I Join IBFC?

While IBFC welcomes all black people from around the continent and in the diaspora, most of our current offerings are for players in the South African audio-visual industry sector, so not all our information will be of relevance to you. However, we invite you to follow us on social media for future and upcoming events.

I am looking for a job. Can IBFC help me?

IBFC does not offer employment. However, some of our members may occasionally send through employment opportunities, which we will share on social media. Please do not send a CV unless requested. However, we invite you to follow us on social media for future and on-going industry opportunities.

I an am actor. Can I audition with IBFC?

IBFC does not hire actors. We recommend you register with an organisation such as South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) or join a crewing agency. However, we invite you to follow us on social media for future and on-going industry opportunities.

I am screenwriter. Can I send a script to IBFC?

IBFC does not accept or review scripts or concepts however, we will be running Film Labs in the future.  Please follow us on social media for new programmes and updates.

I am student. Can I join the IBFC?

Yes, we welcome students, specifically post-graduate students. However, as our work is aimed at professionalising black-owned businesses, not all content would appeal to you.

How can I benefit from the advertised NETFLIX DEBT RELIEF opportunity Deadline 31 October:

If you are a student seeking debt relief, please visit: https://tshikululu.org.za/case-study/2022-netflix-postgraduate-scholarship-programme/